Jurgen Faust, born in 1955, Germany, graduated 1997 from the University of Applied Sciences Reutlingen in Chemistry. At the Free Academy in Nuertingen he studied and graduated in Fine Arts 1982. in 2015 he finished his PhD at the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth. Theme: Discursive Designing Design, Towards a comprehensive Design Theory.

The work

He started his professional career 1986-1999 as the Co-Founder, Co-Director and faculty of the Kunstseminar Metzingen.
1997 he became Dean at the Department of arts and Media at the University of Applied Sciences Metzingen.

In 1998 he worked as a Visiting Professor at the CSU, Cleveland State University. At the Cleveland Institute of Art, Design and Media Design he worked as a Professor from 1999 until 2006. Meanwhile he got appointed as Dean of Integrated Media Environment and was responsible for T.I.M.E (Technology and Integrated Media–where he was also the Chair from 2000-2006), and for the redesign of curricula in Print Media, Drawing, Illustration, Communication Design as well as Biomedical Communication.

In spring 2005 he was also responsible for Visual Communication, Medical and Scientific Illustration. As Dean of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer he worked from January until December 2006 at the CEDIM in Monterrey, Mexico, and from January until June 2007 he worked as the Professor of Design and Design Theory at the Monterrey Tecnologico.
From May 2007 until now he is the Chief Academic Officer at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Group, Milan (Italy) and works now as an international consultant for IED group.
Since August 2006 he is Professor for Digital Media and since October 2008 Dean at the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences for media and communication.
In July 2010 he was elected as the VP for academic affairs and research at MHMK.
Since 2013 he is the president at Macromedia University

CV Prof. Dr. Jurgen Faust